[Review] The Best Kids Travel Suitcase & Backpack – Trunki & Skip Hop

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Trunki kids animal ride-on suitcase

Travelling with kids can be a fun experience for the whole family but requires much planning and thought put into the little details. This is particularly true when travelling with younger children, like flying with a toddler on a plane.

To make the experience as stress-free as possible, your aim is to have your child be excited for as long as possible throughout the trip so that she cooperates for most of it and has fun along the way. With this in mind, travel suitcases and backpacks for kids are the perfect balance of fun and functionality.

Travel luggage for kids is worth getting for two reasons:

Getting kids geared up and looking forward to their trip

Kids behave best when they’re in a good mood, so getting them excited and keen on a trip makes a good start for any holiday. Giving them their own little luggage makes them feel just like daddy and mummy, and it also gives them a stronger sense of being involved in the holiday.

An easy way of separating child essentials

Instead of hauling around a nappy bag that adds to your luggage count, you can pack a few essentials in your child’s travel bag so you don’t have to dig around in your own suitcase when you desperately need to find something.

A few nappies, an empty milk bottle and a small bag of wet wipes are lightweight enough for even a toddler to carry, and having a slight weight in the bag makes it even more realistic for the child.

If your child isn’t taking milk anymore or has been toilet trained, you can replace the nappy bag essentials with toys and other travel entertainment items they might enjoy.

Trunki and Skip Hop are the best brands for kids travel bags

Trunki and Skip Hop are well-known international brands that have been specialising in kids product since 2003 (Skip Hop) and 2006 (Trunki). They’ve both won numerous product awards for their innovative designs (which unfortunately have been copied by many competitors).

Tunki – Kids Ride-On Suitcase

Jenny Chen | Blissful Maternity



The Trunki is a wonderful companion for kids on travels. It is big enough to hold their essentials yet small enough for them to ride, carry, or pull.


Trunki – Kids Ride-On Suitcase

The original Trunki is highly appealing to kids, from classics like the Flora the Fairy and Una the Unicorn, to animal ones like Bernard Bee and Harley Ladybird. It’s clear that Rob Law, creator and CEO of Trunki, understood the hearts of little ones and cleverly captured their imagination.

  • 18L capacity
  • Hand luggage approved
  • 1.7kg – suitcase only

Trunki is an international UK brand and the original designer of the animal ride-on suitcases for kids. As of June 2019, they’ve expanded to more than 100 countries, and locally in Britain, it’s estimated that one-fifth of all children aged three to six own a Trunki.

Their suitcases are made from the same lightweight and durable plastic used in adult luggage and come in a range of creative and beautiful pre-made designs, such as the bestselling Una The Unicorn and Cassie Cat. I particularly love their vehicle-based designs like Percy Police Car and Frank Fire Engine, both of which are favourites with my own little boys.

You can get most of their ready-made designs for up to 30% cheaper on Amazon Australia (as compared to the full price on the Trunki Australia website), plus free domestic delivery.

There aren’t any customer reviews on the Trunki website, as it appears that most of their sales are happening on Amazon, where it’s much cheaper. There is a plethora of five-stars rating on their Amazon AU listings, which is a big testament to the quality of their products and designs.

Trunki kids ride-on suitcase - 30% off on Amazon Australia

If you’ll like something unique, you will only be able to customise your own Trunki on the official website. It costs the same as a ready-made Trunki, except it doesn’t come with stickers or pre-made design. You can only change the colours of the various components on an empty base.

Customise your trunki kids ride-on suitcase - choose your colours

Skip Hop – Zoo Backpack

Jenny Chen | Blissful Maternity



Available in a range of popular animal designs but no customisation options. The standard size is big enough to function as a school bag, but not quite enough for longer travels.


Skip Hop – Zoo Backpack (Regular Size)

Skip Hop is a household name for anyone with kids. Their range of baby toys, activity gyms and others are popular choices amongst parents. Their creative and well-designed zoo backpacks come in two sizes – the regular ones are perfect for pre-schoolers and young schooled aged children, while the mini zoo backpacks are smaller sized for toddlers and come with a clip-on rein and harness buckle.

Skip Hop kids zoo backpack - una the unicorn and cow
  • 10L capacity
  • 28 x 13 x 30 cm
  • BPA-Free, Phthalate-free, PVC Free

Skip Hop is a major US brand that’s under the same company as Carter’s, America’s biggest kids and babies clothing brand. The Stork Nest appears to be the official stockist for Skip Hop Australia with the widest range of Skip Hop products, including baby utensils, nappy bags, and toys.

Their collection of zoo backpacks, however, is absolutely amazing. They have some really beautiful designs such as the Narwhal, Dragon, and Fox.

Skip Hop kids zoo backpack - The Stork Nest

Skip Hop – Mini Zoo Backpack With Harness

The mini zoo backpacks are about a third of the regular size and perfect for little globe trotters aged between 1-3. Thoughtfully designed for the physique of little ones, these mini ones come with a front buckle to keep the shoulder straps from slipping off.

Skip Hop Kids Unicorn Mini Backpack with harness - The Stock Nest
  • 3L
  • Ages 1-3
  • Removable clip-on rein with wrist strap
  • Secure buckle harness to keep the backpack from falling off
  • Write-on name tag on the inside the backpack

The mini-collection comes in fewer designs compared to the regular-sized ones but still include popular choices like the Unicorn, Fox and Bee. They’re also smaller in capacity and don’t have a front zip compartment like the standard ones. They do, however, still have a mesh side pocket for a small drink bottle or some snacks.

Not only do these look adorable on tiny travellers, but the leash also allows kids to roam freely within a safe distance from their parents. The bright colourful designs also make it easier to spot a child amongst people if she ever wanders off.

Skip Hop Kids Mini Backpack with harness - The Stock Nest

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