Is Hypnobirthing Evidence-Based? 5 Myths vs Facts

When I was pregnant with my first child, I heard about hypnobirthing at the hospital where I was taking antenatal classes. Without even bothering to understand what hypnobirthing is, I immediately decided that I didn’t need it.

Cost of commercial baby food pouches vs homemade baby food

Cost Of Baby Food Pouches vs Homemade Baby Food

Commercial baby food pouches save so much time, but do they save you as much money? I crunch the numbers to find out how much you can save with homemade baby food.

Bamboo Fabric Vs Other Natural Materials

The price tags on maternity wear (or clothing in general) are highly deceptive and many people don’t realise the real cost of the fabric they are paying for.

Sterilising baby bottles - is it necessary?

Sterilising Baby Bottles – Is It Necessary?

Many first time mums naturally assumes that sterilising bottles is a no-brainer (I did too). In this article I present what health organisations around the world say about sterilising baby bottles, and what the current recommendations are.

Best free resources on how to get baby to sleep

[Best Free Resources] How To Get Baby To Sleep

A list of my favourite online resources to answer how to get a baby to sleep through the night, why is baby waking up crying, and other baby sleep problems.

best pregnancy vitamins in Australia - blackmore, elevit, fabfol, fefol, swisse, nature's way

Pregnancy Vitamins – Blackmore vs Elevit vs Others

Are you paying too much for pregnancy vitamins without knowing their nutritional composition? I decided to find out the best pregnancy vitamins available in Australia with the most value in terms of nutrition and cost.

[Real Costs Analysis] Is Pregnancy Cover Private Healthcare Worth It?

Private vs Public Pregnancy Costs In Australia

How much does private healthcare for pregnancy really cost? Do you know what it actually covers? And how does it compare to the public healthcare system in terms of benefits and costs? In this first part of the series The Financially Savvy Mum, I research and look into the real costs of private and public healthcare in Australia for mums-to-be.

Little Ones Baby Sleep Program - Review & Analysis

Little Ones Baby Sleep Program – Review & Analysis

According to their website, Little Ones offers a baby sleep program that is gradual, responsive and holistic. I have personally used their sleep program for my toddler and baby. In this review, I will be rating their program based on the routine, implementation, effectiveness, and value of what they offer.