Best 6 Affordable Tandem Double Prams In Australia

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6 Best & Most Affordable Tandem Prams in Australia in 2020

Parents of twins or multiple kids will undoubtedly consider buying a double pram at some point. In this article, we look at some of the most popular and highly rated tandem prams (also known as inline prams) available in Australia for under $2,000.

Which double pram is better – tandem or side-by-side?

The pros and cons of tandem and side-by-side prams are fairly apparent – the tandem has inline seats that make it narrower, more compact and easier to manoeuvre; the side-by-side, on the other hand, is at least twice the width of tandem, and you don’t have the option of using it as a single-seat pram only.

Generally speaking, side-by-side prams are great for parents with twins, or very closely aged children (less than two years apart), who may both have the same needs at the same time.

The problem with tandem prams is that siblings will often fight over one particular seat, making outings a lot more stressful than it needs to be. Side-by-side prams eliminate this problem as both children will be getting the same front seat view.

However, the flexible configurations of a tandem pram make it more suitable for growing families. Most tandem prams come with a bassinet and single seat, with the second seat often available as an add-on or part of a package deal. The various seating arrangements mean you can use it for a single child and it grows with each additional child, even up to three kids with the addition of a universal pram buggy board.

We’ve had our Redsbaby tandem pram since our firstborn and it’s lasted us through three kids. You can read my in-depth review of the first generation Redsbaby Jive tandem pram here.

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Price & Specification Comparison

The following tandem double prams are ranked by taking into consideration the biggest determining factors which are important to parents:

  1. Weight – Even a 0.5kg difference in weight can make the pram a lot easier for a single person to manoeuvre, fold, and move it to/from the car while wrangling two kiddies. 
  2. Dimension – The smaller is obviously the better, considering narrow supermarket aisles and other confined spaces that make it tricky to manoeuvre a bulky pram.
  3. Price – Most parents are willing to pay a bit more for better quality, but to be realistic with most families’ budget, we’ve only included prams that are under $2,000, and this is inclusive of the second seat.
  4. Reviews – Customer reviews is one of the most reliable ways to make a decision. For this comparison, we’ve obtained ratings from ProductReview – Australia’s largest and most trusted product review site – and only included brands with at least 4.0 rating.
RankBrandWeight with one seatOpen sizeBest price*Customer rating
1Babybee Duo12.7kgW: 60cm
L: 86cm
2Redsbaby Jive311.9kgW: 58.5cm
L: 92cm
3Britax Flexx12kgW: 60cm
L: 97cm
+ $320
2nd seat
4UppaBaby Vista 201812kgW: 65cm
L: 94cm
5Baby Jogger City Select12.5kgW: 65cm
L: 97cm
2nd seat
6Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe13.5kgW: 62.5cm
L: 92cm
+ $179
2nd seat

*Prices rounded up; all information accurate as at 21 January 2020

1. Babybee Duo

Babybee Duo Australia double pram

A new kid on the block in the pram industry, the Babybee Duo is the award winner of the 2020 Awards in two categories – 4-Wheels Prams & Double Prams.

The Babybee Duo took the market by surprise in 2019, overtaking its biggest Australian rival – the Redsbaby Jive – and emerging as the winner in not just one, but two award categories in 2020.

From the comparison table above, its most apparent advantage over the Jive is pricing. Coming in at almost $300 cheaper, it is definitely the most affordable and highest rated double pram in Australia.

However, diving deeper into its features, there are even more areas where it trumps the Redsbaby Jive:

1) Included handlebar bag – The inclusion of the Babybee Duo pram organiser will be a lifesaver for many parents. Not only can it hold coffee cups and milk bottles, but you can also pack wet wipes and nappies in it too. The Jive requires you to purchase their pram organiser separately for $34.95.

2) In-built UPF 50+ mosquito/sleep cover – This is such a useful feature for the Australian climate, particularly when we get high UV ratings most of the year. This cover is built-in for BOTH seats, which would otherwise cost you an extra $50 to get sun & sleep shade for the Jive.

3) Included rain covers x 2 and seat liners x 2 – Another added bonus feature, having the rain covers and seat liners included in your tandem set package. All four items would separately cost you $90 for the Jive seat liners and $70 for the rain covers.

In total, for the same features of the Babybee Duo, the Redsbaby Jive would be costing you an extra $545, which is a pretty big figure considering they’re both rated 4.8/5.0 by customers.

Given all these extra benefits and difference in pricing, it’s no question why Babybee Duo is the award winner and top-ranking double pram on the list.

2. Redsbaby Jive3

Redsbaby Jive 3 double tandem pram

An Australia designed pram, the Redsbaby Jive has evolved from the first generation (released in 2015) to the current third generation (2020). It was the winner of Awards 2017 and 2018.

Pricing aside, the Redsbaby Jive3 is still a very good tandem pram and rivals all other prams on this list in every aspect. I’ve personally owned the original Jive (released in 2015) and is delighted to see that the Jive3 has made significant improvements and worked out a lot of the kinks in the Jive.

I go into a lot more details in my review and comparison of the original Jive vs Jive3.

3. Britax Flexx

Britax Flexx double pram

One of the most affordable tandem prams on the list, the Britax Flexx has several unique features that sets it apart from the rest.

Although its customer rating is 4.6, lower than the UppaBaby Vista (4.7), I’ve placed the Britax Flexx higher in rank because of its price point. At a total of $1,070 for a tandem set, the Britax Flexx saves you $529 compared to the UppaBaby, which I personally think is a decent amount of saving.

Some of the best unique features of the Britax Flexx include:

  1. Extendable storage basket in two-seat configuration – This is a big bonus because a lot of tandem prams hardly have any storage space once you insert a second lower seat.
  2. Both seats can be lowered and transformed into a bassinet – Instead of swapping out the seats with a bassinet, you can use either one as a bassinet simply by lowering them into full recline positions.
  3. Can be folded with the main seat facing either direction – Most tandem prams can only fold with the main seat facing forward, which isn’t ideal when you have a newborn that needs to be facing you most of the time.

4. UppaBaby Vista 2018

UppaBaby Vista 2018 double pram

An award winner in the category of 4-Wheels Prams in the 2019 Awards, the UppaBaby Vista 2018 has a unique tandem design.

Unlike the other double prams on this list, the UppaBaby Vista 2018 is the only tandem pram with an innovative design that allows for:

  1. Full view from both seats – Having the seats stacked at an angle, instead of top and bottom like most tandem prams allows for both kids to have a full view from their seats.
  2. Full use of storage basket even with two seats – Most tandem prams hardly have any storage space left in the two-seat configuration, but the UppaBaby Vista has cleverly solved this problem by attaching the second seat in front of the storage basket, instead of over it.

Despite being the most expensive option on this list, it’s easy to see why the UppaBaby Vist was an award winner. Its creative and highly practical design makes it an easy pram to love.

5. Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select double pram

Despite its relatively average customer rating of 4.2, the Baby Jogger City Select is still an old but popular brand in Australia and has won a few awards over the years.

The Baby Jogger City Select has been around for a long time, with the earliest reviews on ProductReviews dating back to 9 years ago, in 2011.

It hasn’t really changed or been updated since then, which means while fundamentally it serves its purpose, newer double pram contenders like Redsbaby and Babybee Duo have much more refined details and user experience.

A lot of negative reviews mention that its seats are very hard and uncomfortable. This is likely due to its seat having a rather flat back, rather than curved to hug the body.

Despite being an outdated design with very little advantages over other tandem prams, I’ve placed the Baby Jogger at no.5 because at the end of the day it is still a very reputable brand, with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT winning awards for three years in a row in the category of 3-Wheels Prams.

The Baby Jogger City Select is also slightly smaller and less expensive than the last two contenders.

6. Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe

Steelcraft Strider Compact double pram

The Deluxe edition is the newer version of the well known Steelcraft Strider Compact (which is now discontinued), but its rating of 4.1 is only slightly higher than the overall rating of 4.0 for the Strider Compact.

The Steelcraft series is another household name in Australia, and many would recommend it in a heartbeat. But despite its popularity, none of the Steelcraft prams has ever won an award on ProductReview. Despite having “compact” in its name, it’s ironically the heaviest pram on this list.

A little known fact is that Steelcraft is under the Britax brand, which means it is designed and manufactured by the same company that delivered Britax Flexx (ranked no. 3 on this list).

On the ProductReview profile of Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe, the ratings are consistently below 4.0 for every aspect including build quality and value for money.

Despite all these, I have still included it as one of the top 6 best double prams in Australia, because there are other tandem prams that are rated even lower and cost more than this one.

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