Best Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding in Australia of 2023

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Best Nursing Cover Australia

Mums don’t always have the luxury of deciding when and where to breastfeed their baby. If they decide they are hungry you may not have much choice but to stop what you’re doing, whip it out the boob, and let your little one get to work.

A good quality breastfeeding cover, scarf, or shawl can give you a little private space no matter where you are. So you can nurse your baby undisturbed.

You will feel more secure, and you will avoid the wrath of the local Karen who may feel compelled to share their opinions on how appropriate it is to feed in public (but that’s a whole other topic!).

We have reviewed the best nursing covers on the market to help you find the most functional, stylish, or practical option for your situation.

In this article we will review the following breastfeeding covers you can buy in Australia in 2021:

Nursing Cover Design Options

Before we get into the detail you will notice that the breastfeeding covers included have different designs and will suit different environments, and levels of modesty.

  • Breastfeeding Apron – Wide apron cover, good ventilation, but risk of blowing out.
  • Infinity Nursing Scarf – Stylish, stretchy and multi-use, but can be a bit tricky to get full coverage.
  • Nursing Shawl or Poncho – Slips over your head for full coverage, but poor ventilation.

Any of the above are useful when feeding your baby on the go. For the working mum who has to pump breast milk in the office, a breastfeeding apron will provide the most privacy and provides lots of space to fit a breast pump underneath.

Best Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding in 2021

1. Arrow Nursing Cover – Best Overall

arrow nursing cover with extra large burp cloth

You will never be fumbling through your bag for a cloth or wet wipe with the Arrow Nursing Cover.

The massive built in burp cloth is so simple, yet a genius feature that will help you clean up the inevitable mess that a feeding baby can create.

It is just under the base of the apron and folds up easily to your baby’s mouth when going through the post feeding burp routine. All you need to do is flick the apron over your shoulder and bring the baby with it when you pull them in close to your chest.

Your clothes are protected from any spit up and you have a big cloth convenient there and ready to go.

The cloth is also easy to reach if you have to clean up any spit from coughing or spluttering mid-feed.

The extra wide surface area of the nursing apron gives plenty of coverage and the stiff neck helps you maintain clear vision of your baby. It feels like you are both in your own bubble.

2. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover – Most Stylish

Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

If you are after a premium brand then the Bebe au Lait range of nursing covers is the stand out.

You will get the highest quality material and a unique range of prints and styles to match your outfit of the day if you wanted to splash out and get a few.

But for many this is overkill and the Bebe Au Lait covers are just a bit lighter on features compared to the Arrow range. You get two cloth pockets sewn into the design, but you need your own cloths.

You can’t fault the quality though. The Rigiflex open neckline, and interlocking cap system is unique to the range. This ensures a full view of your baby so they are comfortable, and you can be sure that airways are clear at all times.

This also provides great ventilation and a comfortable environment for feeding. Great for keeping your baby cool when the aussie sun is out!

3. Boppy Nursing Cover – Best Value

Boppy Nursing Cover boho gray

The Boppy range is at an attractive price point, and performs fairly well. The only reason why this has been bumped down the list is the shape of the apron itself.

Rather than being rectangular in shape it is more of a trapezoid. Coverage can be narrow at the bust and you may end up just lobbing it over your shoulder if your body shape risks too much exposure.

If you are nursing an older baby then their grabby hands may also shift the cover unexpectedly.

So this cover may be more suited to a working mum who has to pump a lot of milk and needs coverage. But it will still work fine for feeding a baby if you have a moderate bust.

The sliding ring on the neck strap is a cool feature. This helps you keep track of which side your baby last fed from so you can balance things out.

The storage pouch is wide instead of long and thin. So folding up and storing away is a lot easier with this design!

4. KeaBabies Nursing Scarf – Best Multi Use Cover

KeaBabies Multi-Use Nursing Scarf

This is a nifty piece of fabric that rolls right up to be a light scarf that is soft to touch. But, unroll it and you have a large and loose fitting cover that will hide your whole torso.

This is a very different design to the typical apron and has that extra security of being fully enclosed.

You get no circulation so this may be better used in the colder months. But again it is a safe little bubble for your baby.

The stretchy fabric makes this an all-purpose baby cover. It will cover a full baby capsule, stroller, or shopping cart and protect your baby from noise and other interference while sleeping.

It is also a convenient substitute for a changing pad, or blanket.

So it is basically a wearable swiss army knife for mums.

5. Kefee Kol Nursing Poncho – Best Nursing Poncho

Kefee Kol Multipurpose Nursing Poncho

Unfortunately, we are not spoiled for choice in Australia for the nursing poncho style of cover. But the Kefee Kol is quite a cheap option so the shipping should be too much of a killer.

They work in a very similar way to a nursing scarf, but open up a bit more at the base. So you have a looser fit and plenty of space to move your baby in and out of the covered area.

You get the same benefits of the 360 degree coverage and almost no risk of being exposed when nursing in public.

The Kefee poncho is also quite stretchy so you get the benefit of the additional uses that we looked at with the scarf option. So if you are choosing between the two it just comes down to the fit you are after.


Our top pick for the best nursing cover was the Arrow Nursing Cover due to the broad apron, and oversized burp cloth that is sewn into the underside of the cover. These convenient features make feeding your baby a breeze.

If you wanted to spend some time figuring out the best way to use it then the KeaBabies Nursing Scarf will get you the most bang for your buck in terms of having to carry less stuff around for the day.

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