[DIY] 5 Easy Creative Father’s Day Card Ideas

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5 quick easy creative DIY Father's Day cards

Dedicated, loving dads are one in a million. What better way to show them our appreciation than handmade cards crafted with the same love and care they show our kids?

Every year I set out with every intention to make the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G card for hubby, like one that will blow his mind. Unfortunately, due to my own lack of time and organisation, I often find myself with just two days to spare and scrambling for super last-minute DIY ideas.

Over the years, I’ve built up a small resource collection of the cutest, funniest, and most creative cards that only take minutes to make. You essentially only need very basic supplies that you’ll most likely already have.

What you will need:

Looking for a gift to go with your handmade card? Have a look at my compilation of Father’s Day Gifts For Every Type Of Dad.

Here are my 5 all-time favourite quick & easy DIY cards for dads

1. D-A-D Funky Wearable “Card” Glasses

As a graphic designer by profession, this minimalistic typography-based “card” from Mr Printables appeals to me on multiple levels. This was also what I made for hubby’s first-ever Father’s Day (back in 2015), but I added my own twist to it:

Instead of simply printing out the DIY template and cutting it from regular white printing paper, I laid the printout against a thick gold cardstock and used it as a guide to cut out shimmering gold glasses instead. Say bling-bling!

There is also cardstock on eBay available in other metallic colours and patterns, which should give you plenty of inspiration to add your own creativity.

A selection of metallic cardstock available | See more on eBay >

Cardstock is significantly thicker and more difficult to cut than regular printing paper, so if you want to use cardstock, I’ll recommend using the proper cutting tools:

Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase extra supplies just for a one-off cardmaking session, you can simply print out the template on slightly thicker printing paper (check your printer beforehand to ensure it can handle heavier paper). I would suggest 120gsm paper as it’s compatible with most if not all printers and heavy enough for the glasses prop up properly.

(I found this seller who also offers the option of white, black or kraft paper.)

2. Mix ‘n Match Crazy Card

Technically this card by the amazing Hobbycraft doesn’t have a name, but I call it the Mix ‘n Match Card because you can literally just use any scrap colour patterned paper lying around the house, cut out whatever shapes suit your pattern, and throw on some of your kid’s stickers. Viola!

If you need inspiration, Hobbycraft has a gorgeous selection of patterned paper packs for every kind of style you can imagine, including vintage, modern deco, and Eastern oriental.

Hobbycraft patterned paper packs
Wood effect letter scrabble tiles stickers from Hobbycraft

For stickers, they have some interesting ones like this Wood Effect Scrabble Tile Stickers for a rustic and clever look.

Hobbycraft self-adhesive stick-one white lace roll - cardmaking embellishment

Or for something that’ll remind him of your wedding day, this self-adhesive lace sticker roll make a great embellishment for the borders.

3. Printable Humour Pun Cards

This series of printable pun cards from Shari’s Berries is super adorable, witty, and easy to make. All you need to do is print out their cutout template, stick them together onto a cardstock paper, and write out the puns (or invent your own!).

I love that their puns are inspired by real-life dads – we all know a dad who enjoys pizza, or makes bad dad jokes. If you’re pun-lover, Shari’s Berries blog also has a few suggestions for fruit puns, and really cute printables too!

Fruit pun printables from Shari’s Berries

4. Fill-In-The-Blank Printable Card

The easiest and most personalised DIY card you can make this Father’s Day. This printable from Make+Tell is beautifully designed and has an easy-to-follow tutorial. The printout template also comes with cutting and folding guides.

The inside of the card is blank for you to fill it with a heartfelt message, or how about a baby handprint or footprint? You can use non-toxic paint, or get a large ink pad that can fit baby’s foot for a mess-free experience. Hobbycraft has a beautiful range of metallic ink pads for added shimmer.

Hobbycraft metallic ink pad
Metallic ink pads available from Hobbycraft

5. Scrabble Tiles Letter Card

Hobbycraft Scrabble Tiles Letter Card Tutorial

Last but not least, for dads who love board games or word games, this is the perfect card to make them smile. The full tutorial is available on the Hobbycraft blog, which also has an article on DIY projects using wooden tile letters.

Check out some of their projects below for more inspiration!

TIP: This can be adapted to “New Dad” |
Family Tree Box Frame | Shop Scrabble Wooden Tiles

And that’s a wrap for my list of best DIY Father’s Day cards for a quick and fun gift solution! Was there one from the list that you particularly liked? Do let me know in the comments if you have suggestions to add to the list!

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