Moby Vs Boba Wrap – 8 Point Performance Comparison

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Moby vs Boba Baby Wrap

Moby and Boba have been among the best-selling baby wraps in Australia for as long as we have been involved in the industry.

Yes, both are long pieces of cloth. But there are multiple differences in the material used, length, and breathability of that material, that will make each wrap suitable for some more than others.

In this post, we will provide a detailed comparison of eight different performance areas that will help you decide if the Boba or Moby is most suitable for you.

Quick Summary

If you wanted to skip the details of the comparison the following points sum up our findings of who would be most suitable for each baby wrap:

  • Buy the Moby – If you live in a warmer climate, want a stylish look, and don’t mind spending a bit more.
  • Buy the Boba – If you live in a cooler climate, and want some stretch in your material.
Baby WrapPatternsMaterialWeight CapacityLengthSuitable for NewbornsBuy Now
MobyVariousCotton15kgs5.5mCheck Price
BobaPlain ColoursCotton/Spandex15kgs5.0mCheck Price

Boba Vs Moby Wrap Comparison

In this section, we will provide a detailed assessment on 8 different points of comparison.

The overall tally of wins will determine our recommended baby wrap. However, you may not care about each of the criteria used and can instead add up the points on those points that matter most to you.

This will ensure that any subjectivity in the ratings is removed and the result is more likely to suit what you want.

Moby Wrap vs Boba Performance Comparison

Pattern Choice

Speaking of subjectivity, the first item on our list is the appearance of the wrap. It doesn’t get any more subjective than this!

While the Boba has 11 different colours of fabric plus unique patterns that get manufactured, only a small number of these ever make it to Australia. Which can be frustrating for mums who have their heart set on a particular colour. 

Overall we think that the Boba range – even if you can get it all – is a bit dull.

The range of patterns and colours of the Moby blows the Boba out of the water. But again, Australia does not get access to everything and the US store does not currently ship directly to overseas customers.

Our favourite design is the Vintage Mickey Mouse print, but we are yet to see it available in Australia. But there are other animal prints and various colours that you can get.

Moby is our top pick for the range of patterns, but I say that through gritted teeth because I couldn’t buy the one I really wanted!

Verdict Moby


The variation in prices you pay in Australia is also very different to what you see over in the US. 

If you look at the manufacturers pricing in America then you will usually find the Boba to be 10-30% cheaper. 

In the Australian market, the opposite is (usually) true. 

You can pick up the Moby classic wrap for less than $60, and most other colours and patterns up to $90. 

The Boba is in a similar general price range but I have not found any of their variations that cost less than the Moby Classic. 

Keep an eye out for sales as you could pick up a less popular colour or pattern for a bit cheaper if you get lucky.

Verdict Moby

Weight Capacity

Both baby wraps can handle the same amount of weight:

  • Moby – 15 kgs
  • Boba – 15 kgs

Your baby may outgrow your strength before they outgrow your wrap and it makes no difference which one you choose on this point.

Verdict - Tie

Length of Fabric

While it is close, the Moby has the edge here:

  • Moby – 5.5m
  • Boba – 5.0m

The longer Moby wrap may be a better baby carrier for plus-size parents, and the Boba more suitable for petite mums.

That extra half a metre can also be useful if you have less experience tying off the wrap. But both provide more than enough material for most users.

Verdict Moby

Stretch of Fabric

A stretchy wrap can help create a more snug fit around your baby when tying off your wrap. Whether this is important to you or not is entirely subjective but it is an important differentiator between the Boba and Moby wrap.

The material used in the baby wrap is what will determine the amount of stretch. Below is a comparison of each of the Boba wraps vs Moby wrap:

  • Moby Wrap- 100% cotton
  • Boba Colored Wraps – 95% cotton + 5% spandex
  • Boba Pattern Wraps – 25% cotton + 7% spandex + 68% viscose (bamboo)

All of the Boba blended fabrics have more stretch than the cotton Moby fabric. So if that’s the type of wrap you want this is an easy choice.

There are also variations of Moby wraps that have blended fabrics. The Moby Evolution (pictured below with the animal print) is 70% viscose and 30% cotton. So you can get a blend with more stretch if you want it, but for the purposes of this comparison we have used the 100% cotton classic wrap. 

Verdict Boba


The trade-off for that stretchy blend discussed in the point above is that you end up with a slightly thicker and heavier material.

This means that it will get warmer and the material less breathable.

A 100% cotton fabric creates a nicer environment for your baby in warm weather. This can be a huge factor in keeping your baby comfortable and happy in their baby carrier.

Given the extremes of Australia’s seasons, heat will be a challenge no matter where you live. So, the Moby wins on this basis.

Verdict Moby


Another argument against the blended fabric of the Boba is that the elasticity can wear out over time.

This creates some give in the tightness of the fit that can see your baby move around a bit as your day goes on.

The classic Moby wrap is all cotton and doesn’t have that stretch to begin with. So the fabric will not wear in the same way and your fit is as good as your wrap tie.

Verdict Moby

Ease of Breastfeeding

The final criteria is which wrap is most suitable for breastfeeding mums. Remember that you can easily loosen the knot in both of these two wraps to accommodate a little extra space as needed.

So this should not be a deal-breaker either way.

When nursing you may need to move the fabric around to create space for your baby to move, or to block the view of others if in public.

This is slightly easier with the stretchy fabric of the Boba. But you would hardly know the difference in this circumstance (which is why this is last!).

Verdict Boba

Individual Baby Wrap Reviews

On our like-for-like comparison, the Moby wrap beat the Boba 5 points to 2 (with one being a tie and no points awarded).

However, given that your own scorecard may have a different result we also wanted to provide a more detailed review for the Moby and the Boba wrap in this section.

We have not commented on all of the performance points that are the same.

  • Same weight limit (15kgs)
  • Both can be used entirely hands free
  • Both are machine washable
  • Same carrier positions (inward carry, hip carry, newborn hold)
  • Both support healthy hip development is positioned correctly

As you can see, the general function is similar, but there are a few key differences that will help you get the best out of your wrap.

Moby Wrap Review

Moby Baby Wrap

The performance of the Moby stood up to the Boba well on each of the comparison criteria, and the colour & pattern selection was superior – even if I can’t get that vintage Mickey pattern! 

So it was a no-brainer for me to go for the Moby.

The Moby wrap stretches a little when wrapping your baby, but not as much as the Boba. But it still gives you a high-quality fit around the wearer’s body, and a snug environment for your baby.

The 5.4 metre length gives you extra fabric to accommodate all baby sizes, from a small baby to a toddler. Even for plus-size parents, you will be fine with this wrap as they grow.

The material is 100% cotton which is more breathable than the Boba blend and is more suitable for hot weather. This allows you to keep your baby close for longer without making them uncomfortable.

Outperforms vs Boba Wraps

  • Lightweight wrap
  • Better pattern selection
  • Longer fabric
  • More breathable material
  • Durable


  • Less stretch

Boba Wrap Review

Boba Baby Wrap

The main attraction of this wrap is the stretchy fabric.

While it is slightly thicker and heavier than the Moby, it is amazingly soft and silky and great for the sensitive skin of a newborn baby.

The extra stretchy material also allows you to get a slightly more snug fit.

You need a good strong knot and quality tie to ensure the wrap stays tight and supportive. But all new parents can learn how to do this in no time.

As your baby’s weight increases the strength of the fabric will be tested due to the extra stretch. This can lead to deterioration over time. But you will still get years of use before this can happen.

The Boba wrap measures 5 metres in length. The shorter fabric makes it more suitable for a petite person but is still long enough to suit most people.

Outperforms vs Moby Wraps

  • More stretchy material
  • A broader selection of colors
  • Very soft wraps


  • Heavier and thicker fabric
  • Not as breathable as cotton
  • Less fabric


We think baby wraps provide an amazing way for new moms to bond with their newborn babies. The skin-to-skin contact and that feeling of having your baby’s body pressed up close to yours is hard to beat.

There is a steep learning curve before you can tie the knot quickly and easily. But you can master this in no time.

To ensure you have the best experience possible it is worth opting for quality when buying your wrap. You know that Boba and Moby are both high-quality brands that offer their wraps at reasonable prices.

While it may seem that both are just a piece of cloth. This article has hopefully helped you settle that Boba vs Moby wrap decision and you can now decide which one is most suitable for you.

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