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Blys - Mobile Massage On Demand

I’m a big fan of remedial massage, mainly because I’ve always had bad sitting posture (according to my sister who is a physiotherapist), resulting in tight knots and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. This used to become so bad that I frequently get headaches.

I used to visit Chinese massage shops a few times a year to get my fix, but after I returned to full-time work following the maternity leave of my second boy, I quickly realised I didn’t have the time to do that anymore.

The shops always close before I finish work, and weekends are always hectic with two young kids in tow, so I could never find an opportunity to slip away for an hour for myself.

That’s when I discovered Blys, a mobile massage company (or Uber for massages as they call themselves), their biggest reach is in Sydney and Melbourne, but they service most major regions Australia wide. Their fully accredited and professional network of massage therapists are available to come directly to you – whether you’re at home, work, or even in the hospital!

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Pregnancy massage in the third trimester

Last year (when I wasn’t pregnant yet), I booked a remedial massage 60 mins service with them at my place and was so pleased with my therapist (her name is Caryl ), that when I became pregnant with baby no.3 this year, I decided to try their pregnancy massage service too.

With my third pregnancy, I was also working full time, plus with two kids under five, it was definitely taking a toll on my body. I started getting a sore lower back in the third trimester, which had never happened with my previous pregnancies, and my neck and shoulder stiffness were worsening.

It was high time for a massage, and I couldn’t be more ready to give Blys another go. Within their network, they have therapists who are trained and experienced in pregnancy massage.

Some benefits of a pregnancy massage include:

  • Relieve of sciatica in pregnancy
  • Relieve of sore back in pregnancy
  • Relieve of pregnancy fatigue
  • A natural way to bring on labour

Although not scientifically proven, studies show that a massage can raise the level of oxytocin in your body, which can kickstart labour contractions. Some therapists are even trained in acupressure points for inducing labour.

However, if you’re not quite ready for labour yet, i.e. not yet full term, the therapists by default will play it safe and avoid labour stimulation unless you otherwise advise.

Online booking process

The best thing about Blys is the ease of booking online. You can even book same-day and they’ll try their best to allocate a therapist to you. Their booking interface is extremely easy to use and only takes a few mins.

I usually don’t have a gender preference for my therapist, because I like really strong massages and males tend to have better finger strength so I don’t mind. But in this case, I forgot that they do use massage oil so I would be required to strip down to my underwear.

Thankfully, they ended up assigning a lovely female therapist called Noni to me so I was saved from any awkwardness.

The next step of the booking is where you can specify your requirements, whether you’ll like a therapist that is registered with your health fund, so you can claim a rebate, or if you have particular sore spots or medical conditions that they need to pay attention to.

Their therapists are available 7 days of the week, from 10:30am to midnight, so you can rest assured that even if you’re working shifts and get home late, you can still have a massage in the comfort of your place.

They also offer Afterpay so you can pay for the service over 4 x fortnightly instalments, which is great for budgeting!

Once you’ve made your booking, you immediately receive a text message confirming your request. They will then send a follow-up text when they’ve matched you up with a suitable therapist for your requested time slot.

Review of Blys: At-home massage service

Professional, experienced pregnancy massage therapist

With both times that I’ve booked with Blys, the therapists have always arrived ahead of the scheduled time to set up. They bring their own massage table, towels, oil and all they need.

The only difference with the pregnancy massage is that because it will primarily be done in a side-lying position, you will be required to provide your own pillows to get comfortable. You can use as many or as little pillows as you like.

Also, even though I was already 37 weeks at the time of massage, Noni was still cautious about working on my lower back and explained to me that they’re not allowed to use hard pressure around that area.

As soon as she came, she asked me if I have sciatica, which is a common pregnancy pain in the legs. I didn’t have it, but the fact that she asked showed me that she is knowledgeable about pregnancy discomfort and how to relieve it.

Be vocal about your needs and preferences

I told Noni from the start that I preferred her to focus on my upper back, particularly my neck and shoulders as those were my tight spots. However, perhaps due to her training or for some other reasons, she still ended up giving me a full body massage, which I felt was a pity because it took time away from where I was actually sore.

I wasn’t very vocal and persistent about my needs, so I let her do her own thing and it was only past halfway through the service that I asked if she could use more strength on my neck and shoulders because medium strength wasn’t doing much to relieve the tension.

After I said this, she did use more strength, but because she’d already spent a good half an hour working on other parts of my body, there wasn’t much time left for my tense area.

So if you do have a particular area you want your therapist to focus on, I’d advise being very upfront and vocal about it. The therapists are usually trained to do a standard set of massage for the amount of time you booked, so if you don’t specify your needs and direct them, they may just do a sweep past every spot.

Cost of massage in Sydney

There are plenty of massage parlours in shopping centres around Sydney, and they generally cost between $65-$75 for an hour of remedial massage.

The cost of a Blys massage starts at $99 for an hour, regardless of the type of massage you choose (see their full list of massage services). Although this is seemingly a lot more expensive at first glance, here’s what you’re getting for those extra bucks spent:

  • Convenience and comfort – You choose the date, time, and place of where you want your massage
  • Tailored service – You can be very specific about the type of therapist you prefer
  • 100% Aussie owned & operated – All the therapists are trained and accredited locally, so you’ll be supporting the local economy while enjoying yourself

Massage gift voucher – the perfect gift for new mums

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, or a gift for a friend, Blys offers massage gift vouchers for all their services, Australia wide. Their festive voucher with a seasons greeting also makes for a great Christmas gift idea for mum.

The gift vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase, so your recipient has plenty of time to redeem it. They also offer a seven day cancellation policy if it hasn’t been redeemed yet.

Blys – Mobile Pregnancy Massage

Jenny Chen | Blissful Maternity

Booking process


An affordable mobile pregnancy massage service that is registered for health funds. Easy online booking and tailored to your needs.


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Pregnancy massages are the best! Relaxation is great for growing Bub 🙂