Spectra S1 vs Synergy Gold Breast Pump

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Spectra S1 vs Synergy Gold Breast Pump Review

Spectra released their new premium Synergy Gold breast pump to the Australian market in mid-2021. It is a very impressive piece of hardware and can perform just about any function that a pumping mum could wish for.

The cost is higher than the S1 and S2 models but the features you get are on a whole new level. 

Considering that these alternatives were already industry leaders, this begs the question of whether the extra features and functionality is worth the extra money.

In this article, we will do a detailed comparison of the Spectra S1 vs Synergy Gold so you have a thorough understanding of what you gain by spending the extra money on the SG model.

Quick Overview

If you are short on time then our findings can be summarised below: 

  • Buy the SG – if you plan on pumping at home or always near a powerpoint, and want the best pump that money can buy.
  • Buy the Spectra S1 – if you need a portable breast pump and are looking for something (slightly) cheaper. 
Spectra PumpHospital GradeCustom SettingsDual MotorBatterySuction LevelsNight Light SettingsPrice
Synergy Gold153$439

Spectra SG Vs S1 Performance Comparison

This section will detail the main differences between these two Spectra pumps and rate them on their comparable performance.

We have provided a winning pump for each category and will present a recommendation based on the highest score. However, not all of the criteria will matter to you.

To get the most personalised recommendation then just tick off the points that you care about and discard the rest.

Spectra SG vs S1 Performance Comparison

Dual or Single Motor

The Spectra SG is the first pump to include two motors that enable you to apply different settings to each breast flange.

This can be a huge help for moms with an uneven breast milk supply. You can crank up the suction on the slacker breast and retrain your body to produce more and work towards balanced production.

With the S1 you just have the single motor and uniform settings on both breasts while double pumping.

Verdict S1

Customisable Settings

Both Spectra pumps will cycle through multiple pumping modes to simulate the natural progression of a feeding session:

  • Massage mode – to trigger your body’s let-down reflex.
  • Expression mode – to simulate the sucking motion of your baby feeding.

The S1 has a single-speed while in massage mode. The SG has added four additional levels which give you additional control while your body lets down.

You also get more tiers of vacuum suction strength with the SG (although the S1 already provides adequate control):

  • S1 – 12 levels
  • SG – 15 levels

The S1 has been an industry leader for customizing your pumping session. The improvements that Spectra have made to their Synergy Gold model take this to a new level though.

Verdict S1

Battery Powered

The S1 will get you around three hours of battery life via the built-in rechargeable battery.

It can take up to four hours to fully charge but will provide a hospital-grade pumping experience while being fully mobile.

The SG has no battery and will require access to a power point at all times.

Verdict S1


While the battery in the S1 makes it heavier compared to its twin model the S2, it is still much lighter than the SG. The extra pump motor makes the unit quite bulky compared to the S1:

  • S1 – 1.0 KG
  • SG – 1.8 KG

If you are a working mum and have to carry a breast pump to work then this extra weight could be a deal-breaker.

You might be thinking that 800gs won’t make much of a difference. But add in all that pumped milk you are carrying home at the end of the day and it could become an unreasonable burden.

Verdict S1

Digital Display

The design of the SG has the touch screen LCD display built into the face of the pump with large numbers that are easy to see.

At night time those numbers are what lights up, rather than the whole background so you can see the numbers in the foreground like the S1.

On pure size, the fact that the SG uses the whole face for the numbers and buttons just makes everything easy to see and very accessible.

The S1 has that small LCD screen that sinks into the face of the pump with buttons around it.

The Synergy Gold is a huge step up and is one of those improvements you never knew you needed until it was put in front of you, and it is hard to look at the S1 the same way again!

Verdict S1

Adjustable Night Light

The inclusion of a nightlight is a nice convenience for those midnight pumping sessions.

Both of these Spectra pumps also allow you to adjust the brightness of the nightlight so that it is easier on the eye when surrounded by darkness.

This is another one of those small improvements where the SG goes that little bit further to add to your comfort levels:

  • S1 – 2 levels
  • SG – 3 levels
Verdict S1

Motor Noise

The S1 operates at 45db which translates to a gentle humming sound that shouldn’t disturb a sleeping baby.

The SG takes this one step further by introducing a mute mode that further takes the edge of that motor noise. This is especially clever considering there are two motors!

Verdict SG


The S1 is a cheaper breast pump but given the size of the investment and the difference in the cost you would be better off going for the SG in most cases. 

Verdict S1


The final difference is the color of the motor unit.

This is entirely subjective, but it is hard to say that the sleek gold lining of the SG pump isn’t a clear winner here!

  • S1 – Blue
  • SG – Gold
Verdict SG

Common Features & Functionality

In this section, we will summarise the industry-leading features and functionality offered by both of these pumps.

Aside from the details already discussed, they are basically the same pump and will provide years of reliable use.

Closed System

Closed system pumps are made with special backflow protection to prevent breast milk from entering the tubing and motor.

This hygienic barrier made from a silicone membrane prevents extra moisture from ending up where it’s not supposed to. This can damage the motor and lead to bacteria growth which may end up in your pumped milk.

A closed system is also easier to clean and a big time-saver for working mums who have to squeeze multiple pumping sessions into their day.

Both the S1 and SG pumps are designed as a closed system.

Double Electric Breast Pump

You have the option to double pump for the most efficient session or use it as a single pump if needed.

This comes in handy if you need to quickly express from one breast if feeding your baby directly has left you unbalanced.

Hospital Grade Pump

A hospital-grade breast pump is defined by the following parameters:

  • Capable of initiating and supporting milk supply.
  • Able to be used by multiple users safely and hygienically.
  • Durable enough to be used by a mum expressing often (i.e. 8 x a day) and has a long motor life.

However, this is not an Australian standard and is set directly by Spectra.

Both of these breast pumps are hospital grade and satisfy each of the three points above.

Natural Nursing Technology

This is the distinctive feature of all Spectra breast pumps which drives the speed and rhythm of your pumping session to mimic the suckle of a newborn and a natural breastfeeding pattern.

The objective is to provide an experience that feels natural for mom and also triggers the appropriate response from your body.

Built-In Timer

This will help you keep track of your sessions without needing to remember to set one or looking at the clock to track your time.

You also have the timer control when you are utilising the memory settings as the pumps cycle through your custom session.

Both include this, it’s just easier to see on the SG with the larger illuminated numbers.


The same complete accessory kit is included with both pumps allowing you to start pumping immediately.

Here is a full list of inclusions for both packages:

  • 2x 24mm Breast flanges
  • 2x Spectra tubing
  • 2x Duckbill valves
  • 2x Backflow protectors
  • 2x Wide Neck Bottles
  • 1x Power cord and AC adapter

Note: You can also buy extra flanges, extra bottles, and other additional accessories from the Spectra accessories page. The flanges come in 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm sizes. You just have to factor in the cost.

BPA Free

All Spectra parts are manufactured without the use of BPA chemicals.

This is commonly used to harden plastics and can be harmful to children. So best to keep away from anything that will be used to feed your baby!

Your Buying Decision

Why Choose the Spectra S1

Spectra S1 Breast Pump

This portable pump is great for working moms who are constantly on the move and have less predictability around where they will be for their next pumping session.

Or mums who like being outdoors and want the freedom of being able to pump at the local park or beach.

Until the SG came along the S1 offered top-of-the-range performance for an affordable price. While there is now a superior option it doesn’t diminish what the S1 can offer for a lower price.

So while the S1 is a little cheaper and better for those on a tighter budget, it is still a high-performing breast pump with an industry track record that proves you will be well looked after.

Read the full S1 breast pump review here.

Why Choose the Spectra Synergy Gold

Spectra Synergy Gold Breast Pump

The SG offers the most up-to-date technology and a premium breast pumping experience with a price tag to match.

While the extra cost is around 15% more, the extra suction level, and customized controls can save you time and make a big difference to your comfort levels and are worth forking out for in our opinion.

It is most suitable for a mum who is exclusively pumping and needs a more powerful pump. While also being in predictable locations for your pumping sessions.

You always need to be near an power point and may need to keep a spare manual pump for those emergency expressions when away from home. 

It is also a big time-saver for mums with an uneven milk supply. The dual pumping cycle speed can even things out without extra pumping time.

The mute function offers an ultra-quiet pumping session that is great when you have a sleeping baby around.


Both of these Spectra pumps offer a premium experience and the differences come down to small features that improve comfort and convenience. 

Most of these features are a nice to have, but not an essential part of your pumping journey. But if you can afford the extra sixty bucks for the SG then we recommend it. 

It has the most advanced technology and with the dual motors, you can customise your pumping session like never before. 

While the Synergy Gold is a clear winner on our performance comparison scoring, the Spectra S1 is still an amazing pump and offers similar value in terms of features vs cost. 

Both are a step above other Spectra breast pumps in quality and can easily become your new best friend as a new mum.

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