[2023] Top 10 Convertible Car Seat 6 months to 8 years

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Car seats are significant expenses for growing families. One way to save money is to purchase a convertible car seat for 0-8 years, which converts from a harnessed forward-facing seat for 0 to 4 years into a booster seat for 4 to 8 years.

In this article, I’ve rounded up the best baby car seats found at Baby Bunting in terms of value, features, and customer ratings. These include well-known brands like Infasecure, Maxi Cosi, Britax, and Baby Love.

NOTE: Although most of these are advertised as 12M to 8 Years on Baby Bunting, on the official brand websites they are marketed as 6M to 8 Years.

Sorted from the cheapest convertible car seat to the most expensive. All prices are accurate on 3 July 2020.

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1. Babylove Ezy Grow – $269 (R.R.P $329)

babylove ezy grow convertible car seat grey with harness
  • EZYPROTECT ™ (EP) adjustable headrests
  • Converts to a booster seat
  • Cup holder included
  • 2 recline positions
  • Comes with armrests

With a near-perfect rating of 4.9 stars on ProductReview, the Babylove Ezy Grow is a top pick for the most affordable and best value car seat from 0 to 8 years. This is an easy-to-install car seat that grows well with a child, with adjustable headrests and two recline positions.

Although marketed as suitable from 6 months on the Babylove website, it is actually advertised as 12 months to 8 years on Baby Bunting, probably because based on customer feedback, it appears to be too big for younger babies.

Nevertheless, for at least seven years of good use, this is definitely a car seat within your budget worth considering.

2. Infasecure Spectrum Quantum – $269

Infasecure Spectrum Quantum convertible car seat in charcoal

Although technically marketed as a 6m to 8 years car seat, the Spectrum Quantum is probably best for babies at least 12 months old. Customer reviews indicate that its lowest height marker is still quite tall for a 6-month-old baby, even at the 95th percentile for height.

For toddlers and young children, though, it is very comfortable with ample padding. Well-received by both parents and kids, many applaud it for its quality and great value.

3. Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Rider – $279 (R.R.P $399)

Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Rider car seat black for 0 to 8 years

Rated 4.9 stars by Baby Bunting customer reviews, the Britax Safe n Sound Maxi Rider is another great budget option from a much-loved household brand.

At just 6.1kg, it is one of the most lightweight and compact car seats, perfect for growing families who are looking for slim car seats to fit three across the back. With 30% off R.R.P at Baby Bunting, it is a great value bargain!

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4. Babylove Ezy Combo II – $299

  • SecureGuard™ device
  • Deep side wings for extra impact protection
  • 2 recline positions
  • Cup holder included
  • Comes with armrests

A fairly new product from Babylove, the Ezy Combo II has a perfect five-star rating so far with customers stating that it’s easy to use for toddlers and also comfortable for older children.

Its base, however, is a bit wider, so if you’re looking to fit three seats across the back of the car, this wouldn’t be your best option.

5. Infasecure Comfi Caprice II – $339

  • Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) impact side protection
  • Slim base design
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort
  • Strong blow-moulded shell
  • Anti-submarining technology
  • SafeGrip Belt Clamp included

For a quality mid-range option, you can’t go wrong with the Infasecure Comfi Caprice II, an upgrade to its predecessor with a slimmer, more comfortable design and built-in anti-submarining technology.

The only downside is probably that it doesn’t have a recline position, so younger kids who often fall asleep in the car may find their head falling forward.

6. Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Grey – $369 (R.R.P $449)

Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Grey convertible car seat 0 to 8 years
  • 6 point safety harness
  • Active Head Restraint (AHR™)
  • Adjustable headrests automatically repositions the shoulder harness for best fit
  • Hassle Free Harness™ reduces the risk of incorrect installation when repositioning
  • Ez-Buckle retains the harness buckle in a forward position
  • Slim outer width design for compact fit
  • Storage pockets included

With all the bells and whistles you’d ever need in a car seat, the Britax Safe n Sound Maxi Guard is an affordable mid-range option at almost 20% off the retail price at Baby Bunting.

It has fairly good ratings at 4.4 stars on ProductReview and 4.8 on Baby Bunting. However, if you have an extra $100 in your budget, its upgrade version the Maxi Guard PRO+ has been an award-winning convertible car seat since 2017.

7. Maxi Cosi Luna Pro – $399 (R.R.P $549)

Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Grey convertible car seat 0 to 8 years
  • Air Protect extra head protection
  • Harness strap guides for anti-twist
  • 2 recline positions
  • 8 position adjustable headrest
  • 3 position adjustable crotch buckle
  • Comes with adjustable armrests
  • Plush infant insert
  • Easy install with top tether

A very new product from Maxi-Cosi, the Luna Pro is an upgrade from its predecessor the Maxi-Cosi Luna, so there isn’t very much customer feedback on it. However, it does currently have a 100% five-star rating on Baby Bunting, plus it is highly adjustable for a comfortable fit from babies to older children.

At a whopping 10kg, it is almost twice as heavy as the lightest car seat on the list, certainly very sturdy and well built.

8. Infasecure Luxi II Caprice – $479

Infasecure Luxi II Caprice black convertible car seat newborn to 8 years
  • EXCLUSIVE to Baby Bunting
  • All-in-one convertible seat with rear-facing, front-facing and booster mode
  • Air Cocoon Technology (A.C.T.)
  • 9 recline positions
  • 5 shoulder slot heights
  • Built-in anti-rebound bar
  • Strong blow-moulded shell
  • SafeGrip Belt Clamp included
  • Seat Protector Mat included

For the ultimate all-in-one car seat from newborn to 8 years, the Infasecure Luxi II Caprice offers long term value and savings as its literally the only car seat you would ever need for your child.

With 9 recline positions, it is rear-facing for newborns and younger babies, then switches around to front-facing for toddlers, and finally converts to a booster seat for older children.

It is also a fairly slim car seat so could potentially fit three across the back of a car if your family is growing.

9. Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Pro+ – $479 (R.R.P $579)

  • Award-winning car seat since 2017
  • Dual-layer head and torso Side Impact Cushion Technology™ (SICT™) 
  • Thermo5® high-performance fabric with Bamboo Charcoal
  • 6 point Hassle Free Harness™
  • 2 recline positions
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Pivoting armrests and cupholders
  • Slim outer width design
  • Includes full-length messy mat

An award-winning car seat for four straight years, the Britax Safe n Sound Maxi Guard Pro has been garnering five-star ratings on ProductReview since its inception in 2016.

Given its attention to detail, comfort, and safety, it’s no wonder it’s a favourite in this category. Britax has designed every aspect of this convertible car seat with ease of use in mind, including easy-remove covers that don’t require the harness to be removed.

Also available in a beautiful Kohl black colour and Pebble Grey, the Maxi Guard Pro is designed for multiples to be fit across the back of a car, so it’s perfect for expanding families.

10. Infasecure Emerge Caprice – $499

Infasecure Emerge Caprice convertible car seat in black
  • EXCLUSIVE to Baby Bunting
  • Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) impact side protection
  • Twist & Lift™ one-handed headrest & harness adjustment
  • Gradual recline allowing unrestricted recline positions
  • Twist resistant harness straps
  • Height adjustable harness buckle
  • Easy to use single belt pat installation
  • Strong blow-moulded shell
  • Anti-submarining technology
  • SafeGrip Belt Clamp included

The most unique feature of the Infasecure Emerge Caprice is its Gradual Recline design, which allows the car seat to easily recline without needing to remove the restraint or harness.

Only available at Baby Bunting, it is one of the most popular car seats with a 4.8 rating and 91% recommendations.

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