7 Best Narrow Car Seats in Australia For Small Cars

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slimline car seats in Australia

If you’re on your second or third child, you might be looking for slimline car seats that are narrow enough for a family car. While many car seats offer a variety of enticing features, not all can offer the benefit of a conveniently narrow design.

Can you fit three car seats in your car? You sure can, and in this article, I’ve rounded up some of the best slim car seats in Australia for your growing family. 

Sorted from the cheapest to most expensive. All prices are accurate as of 30 September 2020.

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1. Babylove Ezy Switch EP — $169 (RRP $249.00) 

Babylove Ezy Switch EP Grey slimline car seat in Australia
  • Converts from rear-facing to forward-facing 
  • EZY Protect (EP) adjustable headrest 
  • Six-point safety harness 
  • EPS foam for side-impact protection
  • 2 forward-facing recline positions 
  • Car seat protector mat 
  • Removable cup holder 

If you’d like to keep your baby rear-facing for as long as possible, the Babylove Ezy Switch EP is a top choice. It’s made to accommodate newborns until around age four and has an adjustable headrest to fit your growing toddler.

It offers extra side-impact protection, two recline positions for your toddler, and clips that hold the buckle apart while you’re getting baby strapped in. (That alone is pretty convenient!)

The compact design allows for three car seats across the back and includes a seat saver mat to help protect your car’s interior. (Although, with kids, is that even possible?) The majority of people who reviewed it on ProductReview emphasised its value for the price, so it’s certainly a top contender for mums on a budget. 

2. Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster — $191.93

Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster
  • 5 position headrest 
  • Removable infant inserts
  • Machine washable cover
  • Retractable cup holders 
  • 44cm wide 

The Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster is listed as “Amazon’s Choice” for a booster seat. It offers maximum side impact protection with its large side wings but still narrow enough to make room for more than one car seat.

In toddler mode, the forward-facing position is intended for ages 6-months to approximately 4-years-old. After transitioning to the booster mode, age eight is the recommended maximum. 

If you’re looking for an affordable slimline car seat, this would undoubtedly be a top pick.

3. Maxi Cosi Citi Capsule — $319 (RRP $429)

Maxi Cosi Citi Capsule Black Raven the most narrow infant capsule car seat
  • Lightest infant capsule on the market 
  • Protective canopy with 50+ UPF
  • Compatible with certain Maxi Cosi prams  
  • Infant padding for baby’s comfort 
  • 38cm wide 

Your newborn to 6-month-old will be especially cosy in the Maxi Cosi Citi Capsule. At 3.2kg, it is currently the lightest capsule and one of the most slimline car seats on the market!

It’s part of a convenient travel system, which helps you seamlessly move your little bub from the car to one of Maxi Cosi’s compatible prams. 

One particular reviewer on Baby Bunting described buying it for her fourth child, making school drop-offs and pick-ups for her other three kids a breeze. A slim fit and convenient? Sounds like a win-win if you’re looking for a capsule. 

4. Mothers Choice Eve Convertible Car Seat — $349

Mothers Choice Eve Convertible Car Seat Black/Blue
  • 3 recline positions
  • Built-in rebound bar 
  • 2-year fabric warranty and 6-year hardware warranty 
  • 46cm wide 

Boasting a 4.5 rating on Baby Bunting, the Mothers Choice Eve convertible car seat is a favourite for the comfort it provides. It features a deep, roomy interior, and machine washable cover and infant insert. 

The rear-facing mode is for newborns to around 12 to 18-months, and the front-facing mode (with built-in harness) is suitable for approximately 12 months to 4 years. It features three recline positions that you can easily adjust with one hand.

5. Maxi Cosi Euro Slim – $399 (RRP $549)

  • EXCLUSIVE to Baby Bunting 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Air Protect™ side impact protection 
  • Cool Baby™ fabric 
  • Isofix compatible 
  • QuickFit™ harness system 
  • 5 headrest positions 
  • 3 recline positions
  • Car seat protector mat 
  • 46cm wide 

If “slim” is in the name, you know it has to be an excellent narrow option! The Maxi Cosi Euro Slim sounds too good to be true with all of its features. 

This car seat emphasizes added safety features like Air Protect™, a technology exclusive to Maxi Cosi, which is said to reduce side-impact by 35%. It also includes two different height markers for the rear-facing position, allowing your baby to stay that way for up to 30 months. 

In terms of comfort, the Euro Slim model includes Cool Baby™ wicking fabric, another technology exclusive to Maxi Cosi. This innovative feature helps draw moisture away from your little one’s skin, helping them stay cool. Installation is simple since it’s Isofix compatible, and it offers three recline positions to suit the size of your vehicle.

This car seat is exclusive to Baby Bunting.

6. Infasecure Titanium Quantum – $499

  • EXCLUSIVE to Baby Bunting
  • Extended rearward facing 
  • Air Cocoon Technology 
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 9 recline positions 
  • Twist-resistant shoulder straps
  • 44cm wide 

The description for the Infasecure Titanium Quantum states that it’s “designed in Australia for Australian conditions.” It offers extended rearward facing for up to 30 months, a 6-point harness, and Secur-air™ triple layer side impact protection. One of its most convenient features is a “twist & lift” one-handed headrest and harness adjustment.  

While there isn’t a ton of reviews for this particular Infasecure model, the ones on Baby Bunting have given it a 5.0 rating. At only 44cm wide, it fits nicely in smaller vehicles. It’s intended for newborns until age eight, making it a great long-term solution for your growing little one. 

This one is also exclusive to Baby Bunting.

7. Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Pro — $549 

  • Thermo5® with Memory Foam Comfort
  • Side Impact Cushion Technology™ (SICT™)
  • Hassle Free Harness™
  • 2 recline positions 
  • Adjustable headrest 
  • EZ-Buckle™ insert 
  • 46cm wide 

The 100% 5-star rating on Baby Bunting (with the most reviews of all the car seats on my list) says a lot about the Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Pro. The Thermo5® fabric is a Britax staple, which is smooth, soft, knitted with airflow, and helps keep your baby cool and comfortable.

This car seat provides extra safety with Side Impact Cushion Technology™ (SICT™), which helps absorb crash energy and provides 180° protection around your baby’s head. It has two recline positions, Hassle Free Harness™ and an adjustable headrest.

Although it’s the most expensive slimline car seat that I found, it is a highly reputable brand with unrivalled quality and safety features for your peace of mind.

I hope this list helps you narrow down your search for a slimline car seat that will comfortably accommodate your growing family!


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