Best Nursing Chair for Breastfeeding in Australia

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Best Nursing Chairs for Breastfeeding

It is important to set up your nursery space with your own comfort in mind so that you are ready to breastfeed your baby in sometimes challenging circumstances. By adding in a specially designed nursing chair you can at least be comfortable, even if you’re tired. 

When you settle into your nursing chair you will feel relief, and sometimes that little bit of luxury can help you power through while operating on no sleep.. This is your own little sanctuary where you will spend many hours bonding with and feeding your baby.  

We have looked at the best nursing chairs available in Australia that offer maximum comfort and convenience for the lowest possible cost. 

Nursing Chair Designs

The style of nursing chair you want will depend on the space you have available, the type of function you need, and the budget you have to spend. Here is an overview of the most common nursing designs available so you can shortlist what suits you best. 

Nursing Chair Designs
  • Nursery Gliders – Operates like a rocking chair except the movement comes from the gliding mechanism in the chair rather than the floor. 
  • Nursing Swivel Chair – You have the option to spin 360 degrees as well as having that forward and backwards gliding mechanism. 
  • Rocking Nursing Chairs – More like a simple rocking chair.
  • Nursing Armchair – Closest to your regular chair, but can include features like a wider seat area, moveable armrests or adjustable pillows.

Many of the best nursing chair designs come with an ottoman or footstool as standard. This is a great pairing to have and make napping much easier. Not everyone will have space for this though and may find that a simple rocking chair is needed for small spaces. 

Some designs may also have pockets included or other little features that make your breastfeeding experience that little bit easier. 

Nursing Chair Comparison

When looking at the cost of these chairs make sure you also check the latest cost of shipping. Some are sent from overseas and will cost more than the chair to deliver. However, the combined price of the chair plus shipping is usually similar to the locally sold products. 

This is frustrating I know, but this comes with the territory of being an Australian consumer in some categories unfortunately. 

RankNursing ChairDimensions (cm)WeightOttoman IncludedPrice
1Graco Parker Glider108.5 x 74.9 x 71.117.1 kgsYesCheck Price
2Stork Craft Nursery Glider73.7 x 71.1 x 95.320.6 kgsYesCheck Price
3Il Tutto Bambino Chair90.0 x 75.5 x 100.0Yes$699
4DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider79.4 x 63.5 x 99.736 kgsYes$749
54Baby Elle Rocking Chair72.0 x 80.0 x 103.0No$699
6Mocka Asta Rocker79.0 x 67.0 x 88.0No$119.95

We also encourage you to look at nursery furniture packages that could complement your new nursing chair. This makes it quick and easy to decorate your whole nursery.

We have also excluded the nursing chairs that were over $1,000. We are open to including something in this price range but just couldn’t find a nursing chair that justified the price considering the features and comfort levels. 

Best Nursing Chairs in Australia

We have a preference for the nursery glider chair design and that is evident in our rankings. However, we have also marked our top choices for the best rocking chair, nursery swivel chair, and also some lower budget options. 

You cannot put your feet up while on a rocking chair and we think that this is an important option for new moms to improve their blood circulation. We also found that some rocking chairs were hideously expensive and left those out altogether. So there are fewer on the list. 

1. Graco Parker Glider and Nursing Ottoman – Best Overall Nursery Chair


The Graco Parker Glider Chair is our top pick for the best nursing chair on the market. We think it offers the best combination of functionality, style, and cost. 

It is a 2 piece nursing chair and ottoman set, and both glide in tandem and which makes the gentle gliding motion really smooth and soothing. 

With ultra-plush microfibre cushions, the surface is very soft to touch and only adds to your comfort levels when you settle in with your baby. The padded seat is also easy to melt into when feeling tired. 

We loved the beige-colored upholstery with the espresso frame. The appearance is sleek and will complement most nursery styles. You can also go for pebble gray but we didn’t think it looked as nice. 

The ottoman also has a fold-out stool that can be used as a footrest. This slides easily back into the ottoman when no longer in use.

The price is reasonable and the best nursery glider for the money in our opinion. 

Green Tick


  • Smoothest gliding mechanism
  • Comfortable plush surface
  • Beautiful design
  • Padded armrests
  • Well priced considering quality offered
Red Cross


  • No pockets built in

2. Stork Craft Nursery Glider and Ottoman + Lumbar Pillow – Most Modern Nursing Chair


We had to include the Stork Craft nursery glider high on our list even though it is very similar to the Graco. The sleek design with a metallic gray-looking upholstery will look great in a modern nursery and is just a little more expensive (when you factor in shipping).

It is slightly heavier than the Graco – which was surprising given that you don’t have the extra footrest in the ottoman, and the back is not as high. 

There are storage pockets built into the armrest which is great for storing small, thin items like a cloth that might come in handy when nursing. Thicker items like a baby bottle won’t fit though. 

A matching lumbar pillow is included with the Stork Craft to help support the lower back and can be very useful when your body is healing after birth. Especially for those who have had a c-section and need a little extra support and stability.

Green Tick


  • Beautiful color and stylish glider design
  • Solid wood frame
  • Comfortable plush surface
  • Storage pockets
  • Included lumbar pillow
Red Cross


  • Unable to store most nursing essentials in the pockets
  • Heavier overall

3. ll Tutto Bambino Nursery Chair – Best Swivel Nursery Chair 

ll Tutto Bambino Nursery Chair

The Il Tutto nursing chair has a very high back which makes it great for tall parents. It is a swivel chair which allows you to spin the chair around if desired, as well as having the gliding mechanism for that forward and backwards motion. 

The armrests are rounded which makes it easier to lean into without a corner digging into your arm. They are als at just the right height to support those elbows when you have a feeding baby in place. 

It has a very simple design that will fit in with most nursery themes and is also moderately priced compared to others on our list. 

You also have the option to buy the footrest as an extra if you have the space and the budget. 

Green Tick


  • High back for tall parents
  • 360 degree swivel capability
  • Rounded armrests
Red Cross


  • You have to buy the footrest separately

4. DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider – Best Narrow Swivel Nursing Chair

DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider

The DaVinci Olive Upholstered swivel glider just screams cozy! It is also compact and will take up a bit less space than the Il Tutto mentioned above. 

This two-piece set comes with a matching ottoman that is fully upholstered and allows you to put your feet up without needing to worry about latches or reclining the whole chair. 

This makes things a little easier when balancing a baby, but also requires a bit more space in your nursery to setup. 

The nursing chair also includes a back pillow that you can nestle in place to support your lower back. The high backrest also allows you to lean right back and relax with your head & neck well supported. 

You can select from a range of colors to compliment your nursery. We loved the navy design but were concerned that the inevitable spit up and milk stains could stand out too much. However, the polyester upholstery is easy to clean and any spills easily addressed. 

The glider function allows for forwards, backward, and a 360 degree swivel motion. But the ottoman is motionless and is unable to match the gliding motion of the breastfeeding chair like the first two on our list. However, some moms may prefer the static footstool option.

The DaVinci Olive is also Greenguard Gold Certified which can give you peace of mind that the materials are safe for your baby. 

Green Tick


  • High back that is great for tall parents
  • Removable lumbar pillow included
  • Footstool is included
Red Cross


  • Static ottoman (but his may be a pro for some)
  • No pockets built into the design

5. 4Baby Elle Glider Chair – Best Rocking Chair 

4Baby Elle Glider Chair

Now we move on to the more traditional rocking chair designs. The 4Baby is our top pick here due to the extra comfortable padding on the seat, plus you have the ability to convert to a standard armchair. 

The seat is a little wider than a standard rocking chair – about 5cm wider than the next on our list. It is not much but that little extra room can be great for tucking in blankets, hanging towels over the side, or wedging a bottle in there. 

The feet of the rocking chair are made from solid wood and ensures a smooth rocking motion that is great for a sleeping baby.

For a dedicated nursing chair, this ticks a lot of boxes – as long as you don’t need a footrest, which is not included. 

Green Tick


  • Slightly wider seat 
  • Sturdy construction
Red Cross


  • The back is lower

6. Mocka Asta Rocker – Best Budget Rocking Chair

Mocka Asta Rocker

If you are just looking for something cheap and easy to put into your nursery then the Asta Rocker is a nice rocking chair that will not put a dent in the budget. 

There are no bells & whistles with this chair, but it is comfortable and the basic colour scheme will ensure it fits in well with almost any nursery decor. 

The seat is narrow (67cm) compared to the 4Baby (72cm) which makes it a better option for small spaces. You also don’t have a footrest included like with most of the nursery gliders which is another space saver. 

You do give up a bit of comfort with the Asta Rocker though. The armrests have no padding and you will have to rely on a nursing pillow instead. This is manageable, but limits your options in terms of the number of positions you can breastfeed your baby with. 

Green Tick


  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable rocking chair 
Red Cross


  • No padding on armrest
  • May need a nursing pillow as an extra

Why Use A Nursing Chair?

You can nurse your baby in any old chair right? So why would I fork out the money for a nursing chair? 

Well, the bottom line is they offer convenience and comfort through built in features that are especially designed for the breastfeeding Mum.

If you think about the last time you sat on a regular couch to nurse your baby. What was that experience missing?

  • You probably had to bring a nursing pillow with you.
  • You probably couldn’t quite get your back into a supported position.
  • You also could have been a bit more comfortable if you could only recline that seat a little.

A good breastfeeding chair can solve all of these problems. Plus most come with an ottoman to prop your legs on as well.

If you plan to breastfeed in the nursery a lot then you will need to put a chair in there anyway. You may as well opt for one that will make the experience as easy on your body as possible.  

Benefits of Owning a Breastfeeding Chair

A well-built piece of furniture can be expensive, and no doubt your new baby has already been a drain on the hip pocket. But an investment in your comfort can also add up to an investment in your sanity.

You will be racking up many, many hours in your breastfeeding chair and it could end up your most used household item…. and that includes your bed.

Easier to Feed you Baby

It doesn’t matter if your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, a breastfeeding chair can help you get into a comfortable position while you are breastfeeding your child.

The design will provide you the necessary support around your back, arms and legs.

Imagine waking up at wee hours in the morning to feed your child. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a place where you can just sit down and feed your baby in a comfortable place that’s also safe for your baby?

Anything you can do to make those late-night feedings easier on yourself is a huge help. 

Soothe Motion for a Crying Baby

The gentle rocking motion of a nursing chair can do wonders for a fussy baby. Whether your child is sleepy or is just irritable that gentle movement can help soothe your baby instantly.

The glider mechanism in many nursing chairs provides a very smooth kind of movement.  Rocking chairs are also equally as soothing and will help your baby relax. 

Creates A Familiar Environment

Babies respond well to routine and familiarity. Your nursery space is their sanctuary where they should feel most at ease, and the breastfeeding chair is the hub where that they will associate with peacefulness and rest.

The soothing motion as these chairs glide will also become a familiar feeling as they feed. 

Unbeatable Comfort

Nothing beats the comfort of a nursing glider in a full recline position!

The soft, wide base with cushy armrests and elevated feet. A happy and relaxed Mom is a caring and nurturing Mom.

If you suffer from back pain, the extra support can also help take the pressure off. A number of the nursing chairs on our list also have included pillows that match the upholstery and can help you get into unusual positions comfortably if you wanted to. 

Helps with Circulation

Most nursing gliders come with an ottoman where you can just put your legs up.

After a whole day of working or doing household chores and errands, it is a welcome relief to put the feet up. That elevated foot position can help with circulation and help prevent some postpartum conditions such as Edema setting in.

This is less of a benefit with the baby rocking chairs on our list. It is difficult to have your feet up while in that rocking motion. But most of the best nursery glider options have an ottoman or nursing stool for this purpose. 

Final Word

We hope that you now understand all the variations in design that make a good nursing chair. While it can be an expensive addition to the nursery it is a worthwhile investment considering the amount of time you will spend in this chair, and how testing some of that time is. 

The combination of a nursing chair and ottoman was our preferred option and the Graco Parker Nursery Glider was the best nursing chair in our opinion. 

If you prefer a rocking chair then the 4Baby Elle was our top pick. 

The comfort and familiarity that your baby will feel is an important part of your bonding time, and will also help you feel less guilty for splurging on something to provide some comfort for yourself.

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