Best Relief For Gassy Baby – Infants Friend, Infacol, Brauer, Corams?

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Gas in babies, particularly newborns, is a very common issue that plagues parents everywhere. It can result in an unsettled ‘colicky’ baby who doesn’t nap or sleep well, and can even affect their feeding.

There are steps you can take to try and relief gas, like massaging their tummies in circular clockwise motions, or bike peddling their legs. But if your babies are like mine, you’d know these tactics aren’t always effective.

I’ve found that using natural homoeopathic medicine, in conjunction with massage, is more effective in helping my babies pass gas. In this article, I look at the most common homeopathic natural gas relief for baby to see what’s the best option for parents.

Infants’ Friend

Local Aussie brand

Avg. Customer Rating 3.9

3.9 – Tell Me Baby
3.7 – ProductReview
4.2 – Mouths of Mums

About Infants’ Friend

  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • Australia’s oldest brand of baby colic relief
  • Registered in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods)
  • Ingredients: Cassia (Cinnamon, Aniseed, and Dill), Magnesium Carbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate, and 0.4% alcohol (about 6-7 drops in the entire bottle)
  • May cause skin sensitivity due to the essential oil Cassia

Infacol Wind Drops

Most expensive per ml

New packaging 2019
Old packaging

Avg. Customer Rating 3.9

3.7 – Tell Me Baby
3.5 – ProductReview
4.4 – Mouths of Mums

About Infacol Wind Drops

  • Developed by Teva, a global pharmaceutical R&D company that started in Israel
  • Active ingredient is Simethicone, a common ingredient used in anti-gas medicine to treat bloating

Corams Gripe Water

Lowest priced per ml

Avg. Customer Rating 3.2

3.5 – Tell Me Baby
N/A – ProductReview
2.9 – Mouths of Mums

About Corams Gripe Water

  • Alchohol free herbal remedy
  • Contains clove bud oil and chamomile 
  • No information can be found about the company ‘Corams’
  • Gripe water is generally not recommended for babies under 1 month

Brauer Baby & Child Colic Relief

Highest rated by customers

Avg. Customer Rating 4.1

N/A – Tell Me Baby
4.1 – ProductReview
N/A – Mouths of Mums

About Brauer Colic Relief

  • 100% Australia owned and made – based in South Australia
  • Contains bryonia, chamomilla, colocynthis, magnesium phosphate, and hydroxybenzoates

Which is the best colic relief for gassy babies?

All the above brands use different ingredients, and based on customer reviews, the results vary greatly depending on individuals. Since colic relief is generally recommended only as a short term solution (babies above 12 weeks old should be able to pass gas on their own), I wouldn’t be considering any expensive brands, because there’s always the possibility that it wouldn’t work for my baby.

Taking price and reviews into consideration, my top recommendation would be Infants’ Friend. It is readily available from major supermarkets and leading pharmacies, but you can get it cheaper online. It’s also not the most expensive, so it’s a good starting point if you’re uncertain if it’ll work on your baby.

If it doesn’t improve your baby’s condition in a few days, I would move on to Brauer Colic Relief. Although it appears to be expensive, it’s actually cheaper than Infacol Wind Drops per ml.

Even though Brauer doesn’t have as many reviews as the other brands, it has a whopping 4.1 rating on ProductReview (based on 43 reviews), where the other brands only earned 3.5 – 3.7.

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