[Playroom Ideas] How To Set Up A Montessori Nursery 

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Mocka 6 Cube Unit Storage Cupboard

Amidst the hundreds of parenting styles, one particular school of thought has been prevalent through all the noise – the Montessori method.

Developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori over 100 years ago, the Montessori method of early childhood education has inspired many parents around the world.

Although most widely known as a network of schools, Montessori is actually a practice that can be brought into the home and easily implemented into your child’s daily life from a young age, without having to send her to a Montessori school.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some examples of a Montessori nursery for 0 to 12 month olds, with recommendations on furnishings, toys, and storage organisation to build your own Montessori playspace for baby.

A good place to start is to buy nursery furniture sets in Australia. As the baby grows older, you can add more toys and furnishings to the room to create an even more exciting play space.

Best Australian Nursery Furniture Online Stores

These are some well-known Australian companies that I highly recommend for nursery furniture and toys. They often stock exclusive items and are cheaper than big brand names.

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What’s a Montessori nursery?

A Montessori nursery is a child-friendly environment that is designed around the principles of Montessori – encouraging independence, self-direct free play, and hands-on learning.

All Montessori playrooms have a few characteristics in common:

  • Minimalistic and simple
  • Well organised with easy storage solutions
  • Natural elements – wood, timber, bamboo are popular choices, even for the toys
  • Everything reachable at the child’s level to encourage free exploration and experimentation

Below are a few diagrams from How We Montessori that illustrate the basics of a Montessori nursery by age groups.

Age 0-3 Months

Age 3-6 Months

Montessori play space (examples)

Montessori Furniture & Decor

Piccolo Kids Teepee

What’s a playroom with a teepee? Almost an essential item, the humble teepee is a cosy little multipurpose space for little ones – napping, pretend play, reading space, hiding hole. The Piccolo Kids Teepee from Mocka also happens to be one of the more affordable ones on the market at just $69.95.

Mia Canopy Kids Playroom

Mia Canopy

It’s like a teepee, but more versatile in its use. It can be draped over the cot, or placed in a corner like a secret hideout. Unlike a kids teepee, which is usually quite short and might be outgrown quite quickly, canopies are much higher and allow for longer use. This one is also available in pink from Mocka.

Kids Animal Footstool

Freda The Cow – Kids Animal Stool

It’s a stool, but it can also work as a play toy that fuels the imagination. Perhaps a jungle explorer?

This footstool is also available as Harry The Hippo, or Angus The Cow.

Bebe Care Moses Basket

Perfect for daytime snoozes, this wicker basket comes in a beautiful cream colour to blend in with a variety of room styles.

Skip Hop – Doubleplay Reversible Playmat

Designed to give you more styling options, this reversible waterproof foam mat has received a 100% 5 stars review on The Stork Nest website.

The front of it with the roads and villages is a fun and quirky design that will surely inspire little ones who enjoy playing with cars. This playmat is also available in a different design – ‘Little Travellers’.

Dream Catcher

More for decorative purposes, this dreamcatcher will add to the Bohemian look of the nursey. It will be the dreams of little girls and ignite their little imaginations.

Macrame Wall Hanger

Adding to the Boho natural look of the playspace, a macrame wall hanger is a perfect decor to add texture to the walls.

Montessori Playroom Organisation

Artiss Kids Cabin Rack

This pinewood bookshelf is perfect for imaginative minds and literally “houses” the little books that will inspire creative play.

Mocka 6 Cube Unit Storage Cupboard

Mocka Essentials 6 Cube Unit

This wooden storage cupboard is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It has the perfect height for young children – short enough for them to open and reach their favourite toys, and not tall enough to topple over as a potential hazard. Mocka has this cupboard available in a range of bright colours, as well as neutral ones.

Mocka Post Box 3

I love how creative and easy to use this cupboard is (or should I say drawers?). The sliding panels are a lovely design and very cute. It’s no wonder this is a bestseller and currently out of stock (as on 31 Oct 2019). But you can sign up on Mocka to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Alternatively, you can get the Mocka Post Box 2, which comes with two compartments instead of three.

Eli Basket – Set of 2

In any given playroom, there will always random pieces of toys that you will never know how to organise. The Eli Baskets from Mocka are perfect for containing those bits and bobs while still maintaining a beautiful look in the room. Handmade from recycled cotton, it’s good for the environment too. This set comes with two baskets, one large and one small.

Montessori Toys For Babies 0-12M

Mocka Australia - Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

Made from birchwood and plywood with a matte, non-toxic paint finish, this wooden rocking horse from Mocka is a stunning white/natural colour that’ll be a seamless integration into any Montessori playroom.

Baby Key Rattle

Made from sustainable rubberwood and non-toxic finishes, this baby rattle is safe for chewing and also makes a nice clacky sound when shaken. It’s perfect for babies under 1 who are teething and at the age where they’re curious about cause and effect.

Hape Mighty Mini Band

Musical toys are wonderful Montessori toys for developing minds, they teach babies cause and effect, and also stimulates their learning. Hello Charlie has a beautiful range of musical wooden toys that will inspire and delight little ones.

Black White Board Books

High contrast black white board books are very stimulating and exciting for young children. The Hello, Bugs! and Hello, Animals! have the added bonus of having sparkling foiled pages for that extra special touch.

Skip Hop – Camping Cubs Activity Gym

Somewhat of a cross between a teepee and regular activity gym, this activity gym has been thoughtfully designed for babies and toddlers, from its colourful backdrop and mat to the woodland creatures.

Felix Wooden Playgym

For a more minimalistic design, the Felix Wooden Playgym from Mocka is a well-built structure and you can easily jazz it up with different toy hangings. It can also double up as a mini clothes rack for those tiny baby clothings.

Mocka Moova

It’s a pram, a trolley, a carriage – anything your child wants it to be! It’s great for early walkers who are just finding their feet and I love the timeless design of this wooden toy. It’s available exclusively at Mocka in black, red, or pink.

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