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Back in 2013 when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their first child, the Finnish government sent a baby box with maternity and newborn essentials as well wishes.

Introduced in Finland in the 1930s, the Finnish baby box has in recent years gained popularity around the world and now mums in Australia can also get a free baby box through Mamaway.

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Free Baby Box With Cotton Sheet

High-quality cardboard Finnish baby box from Mamaway AU with four beautiful cotton sheets to choose from.

cotton cot sheet giraffe
cotton cot sheet elephants
cotton cot sheet blue hearts
cotton cot sheet white and pink hearts

What is in the Finnish baby box?

The original Finnish baby box is essentially a maternity package containing newborn essentials such as nappies, clothes, bathing products and more. These are all packed within a solid, durable cardboard box that doubles as a baby box for sleeping.

The free baby box from Mamaway, however, only consists of the box itself. You do get a free mattress cotton sheet, but the hypoallergenic mattress itself needs to be added for an additional $39.

Are Finnish baby boxes safe?

It is a common misconception that a baby box reduces the risk of SIDS. While the box certainly doesn’t increase the risks, there is little research-backed evidence to support that it reduces the risk of SIDS more than a standard bassinet or cot.

However, comparatively speaking, a baby box is a much safer sleep arrangement than co-sleeping in the parents’ bed without any separation at all.

The risk of using a baby box is not so much from SIDS, but rather the danger of the box being dropped or falling while being moved around, particularly when the baby is sleeping in it.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use your baby box by these guidelines:

  • Limit it to naps only, overnight sleep should still be in a bassinet or cot
  • Always leave the box on a flat, sturdy surface
  • Do not leave the box unattended if the baby is sleeping in it
  • Never cover the box with the baby in it
  • Do not transport the box with the baby in it
  • Do not place anything else in the box with the baby

What are the benefits of a Finnish baby box?

Lightweight and portable

A baby bassinet can cost anywhere between $200 to $500 and even portable ones weigh several kilos.

As an alternative to a conventional portacot (portable cot), the baby box comes with two handle slots so you can easily carry it around the house and put baby safely to sleep wherever you are.

This makes it the perfect setup for daytime naps, particularly if you don’t have a baby monitor and would like to keep the baby close to you around the house.

Eco-friendly and versatile

Unlike a traditional bassinet or co-sleeper that the baby will outgrow and eventually become a piece of furniture that you have to get rid of at some point, the baby box can easily be used as a storage box for bits and bobs.

As it is made with cardboard, it can also be safely recycled once you have no further need for it.

It is the most economical and eco-friendly item you can add to your baby nursery checklist.

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