When is Your Child Too Old For A Pram?

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Prams are an amazing parenting convenience that allows you to move multiple children around with ease! The smooth glide and relative weightlessness of the modern pram is an amazing thing.

Unfortunately one day your children will just grow out of it. But how do we know when that is? And how long becomes too long in a stroller? 

The good news is that most kids will often opt out of sitting in a pram when they are ready. It will become too hard to get them to sit still and they will want to walk. 

There is more to this, of course, so read on to learn more about the natural progression that will lead you to stop using your pram.

Child too old for pram

How Long Can I Use A Pram?

You can use a pram for as long as your child safely fits within the specifications for weight and height provided by the manufacturer.

The limits are high enough with most pram models that your child may never reach these limits before your child opts out. We will look at some example limits later in this article, but for most parents they never become relevant. 

While on the topic of safe use, it is also important that you look after it, keep it clean, and attend to any mechanical issues that could make it unsafe to use. But this is another topic entirely. 

Development Stage of Your Child

Your child will be capable of walking a reasonable distance by the time they are three years old. After this point, the level of cooperation you get will be determined by your baby’s personality, level of fatigue, and willingness to sit still. 

Some kids will love the ride and will continue to enjoy the passing faces and scenery. 

A more curious toddler will want out of the pram so they can walk, look around, and may even want to push the pram themselves – as they have watched you do for so many years. 

The response you get may differ from day to day depending on mood. 

For your own convenience, you can always tempt them with various rewards and distractions. Snacks and toys are always high on the list if you need to buy yourself time! 

Pram Capacity Limits

Below are some general guidelines but these can differ significantly between manufacturers and you should always check the specifications for your specific stroller model. 

The following limits are most common in prams available in Australia that can be used with older kids: 

  • Maximum Weight: 22kgs – 35kgs (5-7 years old)
  • Maximum Height: 105cm – 115cm (some have no limitation)

I have never seen a child sit in a pram until 7 and my son would laugh at the mere suggestion. So you can see why these limits are fairly generous compared to the requirements of most mums and dads. 

Child wants to push pram


If you are having a big day out then you may be likely to require a pram for an older child. 

Even a 5-7 year old may benefit from being able to slump into a pram seat after walking for hours at the Easter Show for example, or any other crowded place. 

Without a stroller, you will be carrying them, so it can be a lifesaver!


Chances are that your child will be the one to decide when they are too old for a pram. So this is one less parental question to worry about in most cases. 

It is also comforting to know that most premium pram models will accommodate your child for longer than necessary. So you never have to think about appropriate styles of prams for the age of your child, as you need with a baby carrier.

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