Why Are UPPAbaby Prams So Popular in Australia

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Australian parents expect a high level of performance when they are buying a premium pram like the various UPPAbaby models. If a product fails to live up to expectations then most are not shy to share it with their friends, or air their grievances in a more public manner. 

UPPAbaby has been able to maintain a strong reputation in the marketplace with its range of high-quality stroller and car seat products. However, many parents may not fully understand the experience that comes with their products and are frequently surprised.

The after-sale support, warranties, and immersive maintenance support programs really take the whole experience of using UPPAbaby gear to a whole new level.

As a result, UPPAbaby has established itself as the luxury brand of choice in Australia. And continue to build on that reputation both here and around the world.

Why UPPAbaby Is Growing in Popularity

Dads around the country may gasp at the cost of an UPPAbaby pram or infant car seat when a mum-to-be adds them to the list of essential baby stuff to buy.

And yet, you see these prams everywhere! 

This would suggest that 1. Mums can be very convincing; and, 2. There are thousands of satisfied parents out there who are happy with the performance relative to cost.  

Consistent performance and a great experience is the key to maintaining this type of brand status. Below we have summarised some of the key elements of this experience that continue to make UPPAbaby a popular choice.

Why is Uppababy so popular in Australia

Superior Performance

The designs catch the eye and are very modern, and the functionality is versatile and easy to use. You will always get a smooth ride with an UPPAbaby pram for years to come. 

Convertible stroller designs are intuitive and easy to use. Clipping in an extra seat, or adjusting the configuration to accommodate a baby and a toddler at the same time is easy for even the most mechanically challenged parents.

The infant car seats clip in and out of your car in seconds, which is crucial when moving a settled baby (or if you have a toddler pulling on your arm at the same time). 

They are also compatible with each stroller model such as the Vista or Cruz so you can move your baby with a minimum of fuss.

Longevity of Use

Most UPPAbaby products are designed so you can buy a base model with all you need to accommodate one child. You can then buy additional accessories and alter the configuration as your family grows. 

For example, the Vista V2 stroller comes with a bassinet suitable for a newborn, and a pram seat that they will graduate to after a few months.

When you have your second child you can re-use the bassinet initially, and when appropriate you can buy an additional rumble seat. This clips into the frame easily in a new double stroller configuration

You can further expand either capacity or usefulness of your UPPAbaby products with the following additional purchases (we have already mentioned the bassinet and rumble seat): 

  • MESA Infant Car Seat – Compatible with UPPAbaby strollers if you want to use it as a travel system.
  • Piggyback Board – Stroller board that allows you to use it as a sit-and-stand stroller with one child standing up.
Uppababy accessories

Generous Warranties

A two-year warranty is offered as standard, and an additional one year if you register the product on the company website within three months of purchase. 

This applies to the primary owner only and will be void when a pram or car seat is on-sold. So keep this in mind if buying second-hand – you may not be able to access the warranty. 

Three years is well in excess of the one-year warranties offered by most other manufacturers. When combined with the after-sale support (discussed below) then you can see why UPPAbaby has this level of faith in the quality of its products.

A separate category of product guarantee that is offered is the Travelsafe program. This is additional insurance specific to those who buy an UPPAbaby Travel Bag and use it to transport a stroller, Rumbleseat, or carrycot in the bag by air. 

After-Sale Service

You have access to detailed DIY instructions for maintenance on the website. This will allow you to maintain your baby gear and keep it in top working order. 

The content covers everything from cleaning wheels and fabrics to installing add-ons.

Unfortunately, Australian consumers do not yet have access to the UPPAbaby service centres or Tune Up Gear Up events. This is an immersive traveling road show that currently takes place in the USA. Probably one for Dads to look out for in the future.

However, you can raise support tickets and access the knowledge base where you encounter a specific problem.  

Exceeds Australian Safety Standards

All UPPababy products are designed to exceed the compulsory 2000 Australian safety standard and voluntary 2013 Australian safety standard. 

Is UPPAbaby Worth The Price

You can be certain that the performance of the product and the quality of the after-sale service will support the purchase price. Especially if you plan on having multiple children and will be a frequent user. 

However, the value and the utility you gain from an UPPAbaby product is subjective. 

Ask yourself the following three questions to better find the answer: 

  1. Do you plan on taking a stroller walk daily? If you plan to use it often then yes! 
  2. Can you afford the cost? There are plenty of great value strollers to choose from that are cheaper. 
  3. Do you plan on having multiple children? An UPPAbaby stroller can accommodate up to three kids at once (with the stroller board add-on) so you will never have to buy another unless you go past this in quick time! 

Is UPPAbaby A Status Symbol for Aussie Parents?

The company has an interesting origin story and if interested it is worth reading this deep dive on slate.com.

An interesting point raised in the story is that prams are like a walking billboard for a company. When you see UPPAbaby prams everywhere and amongst your group of friends then you have the implied social proof that they are worthwhile. 

UPPAbaby established itself as a premium brand that is still attainable for the average parent. There will have been a tipping point where expecting parents start seeing UPPAbaby products everywhere, and are attracted to it for that reason.

A brand reputation this strong takes time to build. Maintaining it even harder where one bad experience can go viral and change perceptions instantly. 

The reliable track record that has been built only further reinforces that UPPAbaby is in fact a safe choice.

Final Word

The price of UPPAbaby prams are higher than your average stroller or car seat. But you are really buying into a support system that almost guarantees a positive experience over many years.

There are still value considerations that all parents must consider before making such a significant purchase. We do recommend their products in some circumstances as we have mentioned throughout this article. 

But regardless of your personal choices, we hope that you now have a good insight into why UPPAbaby products are so popular amongst Australian mums and dads.

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